Formula 1 news - February 2017

On this page you will find the most important Formula 1 news news articles that were published in February 2017. To read all news articles from a certain day please click on the exact date.

19 February 2017

Hamilton: New Mercedes 'looks like a boat'
Magnussen to get first taste of VF-17
Hellmund: Brazil result led to Manor demise
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18 February 2017

Brawn wary F1 changes will take time
Overview: Biggest F1 stories of the winter
Video of the Day: F1 2017 aero explained

17 February 2017

Hamilton sees city races as future for F1
Wehrlein to miss first pre-season test
Williams reveals first images of 2017 car
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Video: Williams showcases new FW40
Video of the Day: Bottas at Mercedes HQ

16 February 2017

FIA rejects 'malicious' remarks over F1 sale
Allison to join Mercedes as technical chief
Ricciardo expects to stay at 'pointy end'
Williams appoints de Beer as aero chief
Haas another to launch on February 26
Gutiérrez 'too confident' over Haas seat
Marketing boss Sami to leave McLaren

15 February 2017

In photos: Bottas on tour with Mercedes
King: Formula 1 was first choice for 2017
Williams excited by Massa/Stroll pairing
Video of the Day: Pirelli's overhauled tyres

14 February 2017

Rosberg wins Laureus breakthrough prize
EU Parliament backs call for F1 probe
Renault signs ex-RBR man as aero chief
Honda's new approach 'very high risk'
'Mercedes should look at Vettel, Alonso'
Video: Pirelli celebrates 110-year history
Video of the Day: McLaren's golden ticket

13 February 2017

Rosberg will stay 'neutral' in Bottas talk
Red Bull to launch RB13 on February 26
Lauda: No pre-season bluffing in 2017
Overview: F1 2017 car launch & test dates
Video: Bottas sees new Mercedes engine
Video of the Day: Mercedes job swap

12 February 2017

Smedley doubts major change in F1 order

11 February 2017

Haas: Second season 'just as challenging'
Feature: Unusual Formula 1 car launches
Video of the Day: Pit-stops with new tyres

10 February 2017

Sauber to present car on February 20
Bottas dismisses 'career-ending' remark
Pirelli abandons wet test after Vettel crash
McLaren confirms BP/Castrol fuel deal
Video: Kvyat spies on the new STR12
Video: Ricciardo training in Los Angeles
India applies to extradite Mallya from UK
Video of the Day: Australian GP guide dogs

9 February 2017

Vettel crashes during Pirelli wet-tyre test
Renault: Same engine for all three teams
McLaren plans 'exciting changes' for '17 car
Red Bull to be 'well-positioned' by Europe
Permane, Pilbeam take on Vasseur tasks
Overview: 2017 Formula 1 test calendar
Video of the Day: Bringing an F1 car to life

8 February 2017

Montoya: Vettel, Alonso best on F1 grid
Redding to leave McLaren for Williams
Insight: How hard will drivers work in 2017?
Palmer sees 'Renault stamp' for 2017
Video: Ricciardo's ExxonMobil show run
Video of the Day: Wolff pre-season Q&A

7 February 2017

Hamilton's father issues warning to Bottas
Capito leaves McLaren after five months
Kubica wants chance to drive F1 car again
Force India offers fans F1 factory tour
Liberty needs to 'repopularise' F1 - Ferrari
8,000 entries in Hamilton competition
Video of the Day: Formula 1 test liveries

6 February 2017

Sauber confirms Wehrlein medical exams
Sauber eyes 'clear improvement' on 2016
Webber tips Ricciardo over Verstappen
Rosberg wanted Alonso as replacement
Feature: Kubica's F1 triumph in Canada
Stroll sure of progress with 'mentor' Massa
Toro Rosso to launch car on February 26

5 February 2017

In photos: McLaren's greatest MP4 cars
Mosley: Liberty should have kept Ecclestone
Lauda: New regulations will help Bottas
Video of the Day: Mercedes on 2017 fire-up

4 February 2017

Williams: Massa will be 'instrumental'
Overview: Main driver moves for 2017

3 February 2017

McLaren to drop MP4 from F1 car name
Ferrari wants clarity before F1 investment
Opinion: Schumacher under the spotlight
Pirelli to use Ferrari mule car for wet test
Massa: FE test felt 'completely different'
Video: STR12 fired up for the first time
Verstappen gets own grandstand at Spa

2 February 2017

Giovinazzi gets first F1 run with Ferrari
Vandoorne curious over cornering speeds
Overview: When do F1 races start in 2017?
Video: Mercedes fires up new F1 car
Kobayashi set for Super Formula, WEC

1 February 2017

Video: Experiencing 40 years of Williams
Todt wants less pressure on Schumacher Jr.