About us

GPUpdate.net, the daily motorsport news website which is celebrating over a decade of the latest in Formula 1, publicly dates back to 1998. Founded as F1Racing.net, the online magazine is part of JHED Media BV, a registered company operating out of The Netherlands.

The story of GPUpdate in fact dates as far back as 1996, when founder Jeroen Huis in ‘t Veld began his own personal F1 web page at the age of 17, with the prominent orange colour scheme – complementing blue – being selected by virtue of the country’s own national shade.

Soon occupying more time in a day than anticipated, the decision was made to commit to F1Racing.net full-time as extra casual technical assistance arrived. With English having been the first language in which news was available, the site included Spanish (Castilian), French and Italian by the time the new millennium arrived - as well as Dutch - and has since become Holland’s market leader for the latest in motorsport.

After rebranding to GPUpdate.net and incorporating several new racing series – not least MotoGP and GP2 - in 2007, the year which also involved the company relocating to new and larger premises, news is now available in six languages –including Japanese – courtesy of a selection of editors based in various countries away from the company’s main offices in Groningen, The Netherlands and Barcelona, Spain.

The start of 2009 brought with it the launch of GPUpdate TV; an exclusive video channel which – with the addition of a commercial link with YouTube – allows viewers to be just that bit closer to the action courtesy of official race previews, track guides and race reactions as well as a look at talking points of particular interest.

GPUpdate TV, complete with its own camera crew and reporters, has also enjoyed broadcasting a number of exclusive pieces since its inauguration and looks forward to bringing more to desktop and mobile telephone screens in the near future.

Along the way, staff and readers alike have also enjoyed seeing the site’s logo in the heart of the action, thanks to sponsorship connections with F1 teams Minardi (2005), Midland (2006), Spyker (2007) and most recently 2010 debutants Hispania. A number of up and coming drivers have also been backed along the way, including Britain’s Sam Bird and Dutch GP2 race winner Giedo van der Garde.

GPUpdate – made up of nothing more than racing enthusiasts ourselves – understand desires to be kept well-informed of the goings on in your favourite sport 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we therefore strive to bring you as much as possible, as quickly as possible, via the site as well as our dedicated Twitter and Facebook pages.

Thank you, the readers, for remaining loyal to GPUpdate.net and we hope to retain your confidence for the next exciting decade of the fastest-moving sport on the planet.