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  1. Friday 15 August 2014

  2. Marmorini: Ferrari sacrificed engine for aero 16:00

    Marmorini: Ferrari sacrificed engine for aero

    Former Ferrari engine chief Luca Marmorini has revealed that he was told to sacrifice the potential of the new power unit as the team claimed it would make up…

  3. Thursday 31 July 2014

  4. Ferrari announces Marmorini departure 15:27

    Ferrari announces Marmorini departure

    Ferrari has announced that Luca Marmorini, Director of the Engine and Electronics, has left the team. Speculation had grown over Marmorini's future after…

  5. Saturday 25 January 2014

  6. 15:15

    Video: Luca Marmorini interview

  7. Tuesday 2 July 2013

  8. Ferrari warns of 'cruising' with fuel limit 13:21

    Ferrari warns of 'cruising' with fuel limit

    Ferrari has admitted to concerns over the fuel flow limit which will be introduced when the sport switches from V8 engines to turbocharged V6 powerplants in…

  9. Monday 27 August 2012

  10. Ferrari’s V6 turbo engine on test bed 16:21

    Ferrari’s V6 turbo engine on test bed

    Ferrari has revealed that its turbocharged, 1.6-litre V6 engine is being tested at the company’s factory. The unit will come into competition in two…

  11. Tuesday 6 October 2009

  12. Marmorini returns as Simon leaves Ferrari 17:37

    Marmorini returns as Simon leaves Ferrari

    Ferrari has revealed that Luca Marmorini has rejoined the team to lead its engine and electronics departments. The Italian, who left the Scuderia to join Toyota…

  13. Sunday 15 January 2006

  14. 04:00

    Early launch vital to Toyota V8 development

    Toyota engine chief Luca Marmorini says that his team has responded well to the challenge of designing and building the V8 in what was a relatively short time…

  15. Saturday 3 December 2005

  16. 05:00

    Toyota happy with new engine

    Toyota's engine technical director Luca Marmorini is happy with the performance of his new V8 engine after the team's first test of its 2006 car - the TF106…

  17. Monday 28 November 2005

  18. 14:20

    Toyota confident new engine will be reliable

    Toyota experienced just one engine retirement over 19 race weekends in 2005. Such an enviable record, coupled with the strong performance of Toyota's V10 in its…

  19. Sunday 9 January 2005

  20. 04:30

    Toyota on top of new engine regulations

    At the launch of the Toyota TF105, engine boss Luca Marmorini explained that he has enjoyed a 'smooth transition' to the new engine regulations for 2005 - that…

  21. Monday 29 March 2004

  22. 13:22

    Toyota backing for single engine rule

    Toyota is backing Formula One's new 'single engine per weekend' regulation. The Cologne-based operation reckons limiting each driver to just one V10-powerplant…

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