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  1. Thursday 28 June 2012

  2. Head and Watson to star in Fans Forum 15:43

    Head and Watson to star in Fans Forum

    Renowned designer Patrick Head and former driver John Watson will be part of the line-up for next Tuesday’s latest FOTA Fans Forum, held at the Williams…

  3. Saturday 31 December 2011

  4. Patrick Head ends F1 involvement 10:06

    Patrick Head ends F1 involvement

    Patrick Head, one of Formula 1’s most influential figures, has ended his illustrious career. The Williams icon, who has been involved in the sport for more…

  5. Monday 28 November 2011

  6. Head: My F1 departure is best for Williams 14:42

    Head: My F1 departure is best for Williams

    The Brazilian Grand Prix marked the last for Patrick Head in an active role with the Williams Formula 1 team. Head, who was instrumental in establishing…

  7. Wednesday 13 July 2011

  8. Head to change Williams role for 2012 15:44

    Head to change Williams role for 2012

    Patrick Head will be modifying his function within Williams F1 at the end of the year, the 66-year-old has explained to BBC Sport. Currently the team’s…

  9. Thursday 5 May 2011

  10. Head: Parr not in position to announce my retirement 17:36

    Head: Parr not in position to announce my retirement

    Williams' Patrick Head has rebuffed suggestions from Adam Parr that he will be retiring at the end of 2011. In a somewhat surprised reaction, the Director of…

  11. Wednesday 4 May 2011

  12. 'Williams' Patrick Head to retire this year' 10:25

    'Williams' Patrick Head to retire this year'

    Williams stalwart Patrick Head will be retiring from Formula 1 at the end of the 2011 season, according to team Chairman Adam Parr. Now 65, Head entered the…

  13. Thursday 3 March 2011

  14. Cyrte Investments acquires stake in Williams 02:00

    Cyrte Investments acquires stake in Williams

    Dutch investment company Cyrte has claimed a five percent stake of Williams Grand Prix Holdings PLC, with the squad co-owned by Sir Frank Williams and Patrick…

  15. Tuesday 8 February 2011

  16. Patrick Head to sell majority of Williams shares 14:23

    Patrick Head to sell majority of Williams shares

    Williams Director of Engineering Patrick Head has revealed that he will be giving up the role in the near future, with the Englishman having been a key figure…

  17. Tuesday 21 December 2010

  18. ‘Major changes’ set for 2013 Formula 1 cars 15:36

    ‘Major changes’ set for 2013 Formula 1 cars

    Formula 1 cars are set to take on radical modifications ahead of the 2013 season, according to an investigation conducted by BBC Sport, as team bosses hope to…

  19. Sunday 14 November 2010

  20. Williams beats Force India to sixth 16:34

    Williams beats Force India to sixth

    After a closely-fought battle which has spread across most of the season, Williams finishes sixth in the 2010 Constructors’ Championship to edge out fellow…

  21. Saturday 6 November 2010

  22. Head: Hülkenberg decision influenced by Barrichello 18:46

    Head: Hülkenberg decision influenced by Barrichello

    Patrick Head was naturally pleased to see Williams clinch its first pole position for over five years on Saturday, with Nico Hülkenberg’s achievement in…

  23. Tuesday 2 November 2010

  24. Video: Grand Prix Mechanics Reunion 2010 11:32

    Video: Grand Prix Mechanics Reunion 2010

    A selection of well-known Formula 1 faces were on hand for this year’s Grand Prix Mechanics Reunion, with World Champions Sir Jackie Stewart and Damon Hill…

  25. Sunday 24 October 2010

  26. Head: Hülkenberg F1 seat justified 07:01

    Head: Hülkenberg F1 seat justified

    Williams’ Patrick Head believes that 2010 rookie Nico Hülkenberg is deserving of a place on the Formula 1 grid next year, despite rumours continuing to…

  27. Thursday 17 September 2009

  28. Williams: No firm 2010 engine deal yet 14:52

    Williams: No firm 2010 engine deal yet

    The Williams team are said to be in a predicament over engine supplier for the 2010 season. The Grove squad currently has a standing contract with Toyota but…

  29. Wednesday 27 May 2009

  30. Added weight keeping KERS off Williams 14:21

    Added weight keeping KERS off Williams

    The Williams team admits that it is unlikely to use KERS for the majority of 2009, as the team's technicians believe the weight of the device would yield a…

  31. Sunday 10 May 2009

  32. Another point for Williams 18:50

    Another point for Williams

    The Williams team finally collected another points in the Spanish Grand Prix as Nico Rosberg crossed the finish line in eighth place; German Rosberg, catching…

  33. Sunday 19 April 2009

  34. Dismal afternoon for Williams 17:53

    Dismal afternoon for Williams

    Shanghai produced a tough afternoon for the Williams team, which approached the Chinese Grand Prix with a view to scoring points. Nico Rosberg, after qualifying…

  35. Wednesday 9 July 2008

  36. Williams to put more focus on 2008 car 17:06

    Williams to put more focus on 2008 car

    The Williams Formula 1 car was already very much focused on the development of the team's 2009 chassis. After a number of poor finishes the team has decided to…

  37. Thursday 6 March 2008

  38. Williams aims for podiums 05:00

    Williams aims for podiums

    The Williams Toyota team will be regularly fighting to podium finishes in 2008, according to the team's co-owner Patrick Head, but he has also warned against…

  39. Monday 3 December 2007

  40. Head insists Rosberg is not for sale 12:34

    Head insists Rosberg is not for sale

    Williams co-owner Patrick Head has insisted that Nico Rosberg is not for sale to McLaren amid continued rumours that the Woking-based team is still keen to sign…

  41. Sunday 4 November 2007

  42. Williams warns McLaren: Rosberg is ours 12:27

    Williams warns McLaren: Rosberg is ours

    The Williams Formula 1 team has warned the McLaren team it will not let go of the team's driver Nico Rosberg in order for Rosberg to replace Fernando Alonso at…

  43. Sunday 21 October 2007

  44. Alonso will leave McLaren - Head 12:31

    Alonso will leave McLaren - Head

    Williams engineering director and F1 veteran Patrick Head says he is certain Fernando Alonso will not continue to race for McLaren after today's Brazilian rand…

  45. Sunday 23 October 2005

  46. 10:56

    Williams chief optimistic

    Williams' director of engineering, Patrick Head is optimistic about his team's chances in 2006, despite losing works BMW power and having to use customer…

  47. Friday 21 October 2005

  48. 11:03

    'Williams must lift game'

    Williams must return to form in 2005 or face a future in the doldrums, long time team co-owner Patrick Head has warned. The Grove based outfit, led by Sir Frank…

  49. Monday 10 October 2005

  50. 06:00

    Theissen slams Head claims

    Mario Theissen has rubbished claims that he promised BMW's board that its new works team would win the 2007 championship and will soon be fully funded by…

  51. Thursday 29 September 2005

  52. 13:30

    BMW to get Cosworth beating?

    Cosworth's customer V8 engine may be 'a long way' superior to the BMW 2.4 litre, Williams' Patrick Head has said. The team's engineering director and co-owner…

  53. 12:00

    Head hisses at BMW's Theissen

    The F1 team he part-owns may have lost the works support of BMW, but Patrick Head wouldn't necessarily rather be in the shoes of Mario Theissen. Head, Williams…

  54. Friday 10 June 2005

  55. 10:50

    Head has stab at BMW 'KO'

    The BMW-Williams F1 marriage has put the pedal to the metal on a fast track to breaking point. Williams' co-owner Patrick Head has joined Sir Frank in now…

  56. Monday 6 June 2005

  57. 11:15

    Grove 'on the rise' - Head

    Williams is back on the rise, veteran co-owner and 'director of engineering' Patrick Head has insisted. The Briton said the FW27 has improved at every race…

  58. Tuesday 10 May 2005

  59. 14:00

    BMW rumour on the grow

    Williams co-owner Patrick Head refused to answer speculation that engine partner BMW may buy into team rival Sauber. It is suggested that Frank Williams…

  60. Friday 25 February 2005

  61. 15:00

    Heidfeld cracked V10 code

    German driver Nick Heidfeld's speed, but also clear technical skill, won him a racing role at Grove. That's the claim of BMW-Williams' co-owner and engineering…

  62. Thursday 24 February 2005

  63. 15:00

    Williams line-up was 'too pricey'

    Williams' Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya F1 line-up proved too pricey to retain, team co-owner Patrick Head revealed. The former technical director, now…

  64. Wednesday 2 February 2005

  65. 10:00

    Williams directors sold Jet and helicopter

    Sir Frank Williams sold a $43 million jet to help finance a second wind tunnel at Grove HQ. Team co-owner Patrick Head also pledged a sacrifice -- instead of…

  66. Friday 19 November 2004

  67. 11:30

    Villeneuve: Head claim is unfair

    Patrick Head's criticism that Jacques Villeneuve made 'heavy weather' of the 1997 drivers' world championship conquest is unfair. That's the French-Canadian's…

  68. Monday 11 October 2004

  69. 06:30

    Head delighted to be back on podium

    WilliamsF1 technical director Patrick Head was delighted to see one of his cars back on the podium at the Japanese Grand Prix as Ralf Schumacher cruised home in…

  70. Sunday 8 August 2004

  71. 13:25

    Button has come of age - Head

    Jenson Button has come of age according to WilliamsF1 director of engineering Patrick Head. Head and Frank Williams are responsible for bringing Jenson Button…

  72. Monday 2 August 2004

  73. 10:40

    Even Schu's car is not perfect - Head

    Even Michael Schumacher's Ferrari - driven to victory eleven times out of twelve races in '04 - is not 'perfect', according to Williams' engineer Patrick Head.…

  74. Tuesday 29 June 2004

  75. 15:30

    Team blunders were 'idiotic' - Head

    Idiotic. Stupid. Those are the words Patrick Head used to describe BMW-Williams' form since he elected to hand the role as 'technical director' to young upstart…

  76. 13:45

    Head calls for harder tyres

    Formula One cars should wear 'harder tyres.' That's the claim of veteran BMW-Williams engineer Patrick Head. He reckons grip could be replicated with wider…

  77. 10:45

    Coulthard can forget Williams drive - Head

    McLaren refugee David Coulthard can forget it if he thinks a BMW-Williams drive is on the cards in '05, engineer and team partner Patrick Head has suggested.…

  78. Monday 28 June 2004

  79. 06:30

    Head slams US GP sham

    Last Sunday's Indianapolis GP was a 'sham.' So criticised Williams' veteran engineer Patrick Head who said he doesn't respect Ferrari because they appear…

  80. Thursday 27 May 2004

  81. 16:00

    Patrick Head to attend 'some races'

    Formula One's paddock pundits are likely to see a lot less of Patrick Head. The 57-year-old Briton told the media on Tuesday that his new role as team 'director…

  82. Tuesday 25 May 2004

  83. 14:33

    Official: Williams announce Sam Michael as new Technical Director

    WilliamsF1 today announced two major initiatives intended to significantly augment the company's competitive contribution to the BMW WilliamsF1 Team and to set…

  84. Monday 24 May 2004

  85. 14:20

    Williams 'wants Webber' - Head

    BMW-Williams wants Mark Webber. Finally, a team official confirmed what the Formula One paddock already knows - Grove would love to put the hard-working…

  86. Sunday 23 May 2004

  87. 18:55

    Head backs Montoya in Schumi shunt

    WilliamsF1 Technical Director Patrick Head has backed his driver Juan Pablo Montoya as a fair and respectful racer after the Colombian collided with Michael…

  88. Friday 21 May 2004

  89. 10:38

    Ralf's 'still concussed' - Patrick Head

    Patrick Head has confirmed riled BMW-Williams driver Ralf Schumacher's suspicions that the technical director planted a rumour in the racing press. ''It was an…

  90. 10:28

    Head admits to Villeneuve talks

    Technical director Patrick Head said here Thursday that Williams have talked to former world champion Jacques Villeneuve but denied he is to test for the team…

  91. 05:30

    Head praise for Davidson

    WilliamsF1 Technical Chief Patrick Head has praised BAR Honda test driver Anthony Davidson after he finished Friday's free practice in second place behind only…

  92. Thursday 20 May 2004

  93. 13:34

    Ralf slams Patrick Head

    Ralf Schumacher last night aimed-fire at BMW-Williams' technical boss. The German, who is unlikely to race for the Oxfordshire-based team beyond 2004, said…

  94. Thursday 29 April 2004

  95. 14:45

    Did Ferrari dream up Williams' nose?

    According to speculation, Ferrari dreamed up BMW-Williams' walrus-nose. Paddock-talk in Imola suggested that Grove's aerodynamic head Antonia Terzi first tried…

  96. 13:44

    Head tells Juan to 'stop bleating'

    Patrick Head has told his driver to stop 'bleating on' about the past. Juan Pablo Montoya raged after Sunday's race at Imola as he called Michael Schumacher…

  97. Wednesday 28 April 2004

  98. 10:30

    BAR is F1's 'team of the moment'

    BAR-Honda is most definitely the 'team of the moment' in Formula One. A report on the Williams website claims there was 'no major shift' in the balance of power…

  99. Sunday 25 April 2004

  100. 13:25

    Is Ralf distracted?

    Does Ralf Schumacher have unsigned F1 contracts on his mind? The German, who is yet to complete negotiations with BMW-Williams regarding next season and beyond…

  101. Friday 16 April 2004

  102. 07:00

    Challenge is greater today than ever - Head

    WilliamsF1 Technical Director Patrick Head claims the challenge of Formula One today is greater than it has ever been during his time in the sport. Head has…

  103. Sunday 4 April 2004

  104. 16:57

    Head not happy after troublesome Bahrain

    Patrick Head described Ralf Schumacher's performance as 'a mess' and was further disappointed by the mechanical problems Montoya suffered in the final laps of…

  105. Tuesday 30 March 2004

  106. 11:02

    Ferrari about a second-per-lap in front of Williams

    Ferrari are about a second per-lap ahead of top F1-team rival BMW-Williams. According to technical director Patrick Head, that equates to about a year of…

  107. Friday 26 March 2004

  108. 09:48

    Head wants BMW-Williams to close gap

    Patrick Head is leading BMW-Williams' chase of F1 pacesetters Ferrari. The team technical-director noted that the FW26 was quicker in Malaysia than in the…

  109. Tuesday 23 March 2004

  110. 15:22

    No advantage for Williams in Bahrain

    According to McLaren teamboss Ron Dennis the Williams team will have an advantage in Bahrain. The Williams team ran a few demo laps in Bahrain to celebrate the…

  111. Sunday 21 March 2004

  112. 20:21

    Head marvels at Ferrari progress

    Patrick Head marvelled at the pace of his scarlet Formula One rivals. The BMW-Williams tech-chief doesn't think Ferrari will win by sixty-seconds at Sepang but…

  113. Wednesday 17 March 2004

  114. 10:20

    Head: More to Ferrari's pace than tyres

    Technical director Patrick Head is not getting his hopes-up for a sterling BMW-Williams victory on superior Michelin tyres at the Sepang-race this Sunday. The…

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