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  1. Monday 11 February 2013

  2. Byrne helping Ferrari with 2014 car design 09:27

    Byrne helping Ferrari with 2014 car design

    Rory Byrne, the designer whose cars took Michael Schumacher to all seven of his Formula 1 world titles, is working with Ferrari on the development of its 2014…

  3. Tuesday 21 December 2010

  4. ‘Major changes’ set for 2013 Formula 1 cars 15:36

    ‘Major changes’ set for 2013 Formula 1 cars

    Formula 1 cars are set to take on radical modifications ahead of the 2013 season, according to an investigation conducted by BBC Sport, as team bosses hope to…

  5. Monday 13 April 2009

  6. Byrne: "The diffusers are illegal" 00:47

    Byrne: "The diffusers are illegal"

    Ferrari design legend Rory Byrne has added his opinions to the argument surrounding the diffusers used by the Brawn, Williams and Toyota teams. The three…

  7. Monday 28 February 2005

  8. 12:30

    Ferrari's new main man

    Italian Aldo Costa designed the new Ferrari, Rory Byrne admitted. Byrne, who maintains the chief designer title, called F2005 the 'best ever' scarlet car, but…

  9. Wednesday 29 December 2004

  10. 10:30

    Byrne 'safe' - spokesman

    A Ferrari spokesman confirmed that Formula One car designer Rory Byrne is 'safe' following the devastating tsunami that killed more than 68,000 people in south…

  11. Wednesday 15 December 2004

  12. 12:10

    Ferrari 'fixed' F1 flaw

    Ferrari 'fixed' a lingering car design weakness in 2004, Rory Byrne revealed. The South-African chief designer, who's retiring at the end of 2006, said in a…

  13. Monday 29 November 2004

  14. 11:45

    Costa to replace Rory Byrne

    An Italian by the name of Aldo Costa will become 'chief designer' at Ferrari when veteran Rory Byrne retires in February 2007. South African Byrne said Costa's…

  15. 09:34

    Ferrari to make late debut

    Next season might be five grands prix in before a new Ferrari car makes its debut, chief designer Rory Byrne revealed. The South African veteran said F2005…

  16. Friday 12 November 2004

  17. 13:00

    Ferrari 'too fast' - designer

    The FIA are right to make Formula One slower, Ferrari's F1 car designer Rory Byrne said. The South African reckons the field of grand prix challengers, in which…

  18. Wednesday 10 November 2004

  19. 10:30

    New Ferrari is 'big step'

    Rory Byrne has no doubt left rival F1 designers quaking in their boots by revealing that next year's Ferrari will be a 'big step forward.' The South African…

  20. Friday 21 May 2004

  21. 14:15

    Michelin 'closer than we look' - Button

    Bridgestone had an early advantage on the Monaco street-circuit. That's the belief of a pre-race favourite Jenson Button, whose Michelin-shod BAR was good…

  22. Wednesday 12 May 2004

  23. 11:54

    Byrne to leave Ferrari in 2007?

    Rory Byrne is not expected to stay at Ferrari beyond 2006. The South African, who has led Maranello's design team for nearly a decade, has reportedly hinted…

  24. Monday 26 April 2004

  25. 16:10

    Ferrari admit Schumacher form makes victory easy

    World champions Ferrari believe that Michael Schumacher is racing better than ever this season and admitted his victory on home soil in the San Marino Grand…

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