Formula 1 flashback: Minardi's greatest day

Formula 1 flashback: Minardi's greatest day

Throughout the 2014 season, will be publishing a special Formula 1 flashback in the run up to each event. For the Australian Grand Prix edition, we conversed with former Minardi team boss and popular paddock figure Paul Stoddart, who oversaw Mark Webber's sensational fifth place finish in 2002. Read more…

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  1. Thursday 13 March 2014

  2. Formula 1 flashback: Minardi's greatest day 09:00

    Formula 1 flashback: Minardi's greatest day

    Throughout the 2014 season, will be publishing a special Formula 1 flashback in the run up to each event. For the Australian Grand Prix edition, we…

  3. Monday 10 March 2014

  4. Stoddart: Ricciardo will not get equal status 09:29

    Stoddart: Ricciardo will not get equal status

    Ex-Formula 1 team boss Paul Stoddart reckons Sebastian Vettel will be given preferential treatment over Daniel Ricciardo at Red Bull, and says his fellow…

  5. Friday 16 March 2012

  6. 11:00

    F1 video: Stoddart drives F1 in Bendigo

  7. Tuesday 30 November 2010

  8. Stoddart tips Webber for more title contention 10:47

    Stoddart tips Webber for more title contention

    Paul Stoddart is against the belief of many that Mark Webber will not enjoy another shot at the World Championship in 2011, with the Red Bull driver having led…

  9. Thursday 26 February 2009

  10. Stoddart has doubts over USF1 13:52

    Stoddart has doubts over USF1

    Former European Minardi chief Paul Stoddart has expressed concern over the new USF1 outfit, due to be on the grid by 2010. The Australian - Minardi boss…

  11. Monday 7 April 2008

  12. Stoddart hits out at Mosley 13:16

    Stoddart hits out at Mosley

    Former Minardi F1 team owner Paul Stoddart has said the boss of F1's governing body, had brought the sport into disrepute after the British tabloid News of the…

  13. Tuesday 11 March 2008

  14. Stoddart: Proposed schedule won't help Australian GP 11:26

    Stoddart: Proposed schedule won't help Australian GP

    According to former Formula 1 team owner Paul Stoddart it won't help the Australian Grand Prix if the race will be held at 05.00pm instead of 03.30. According…

  15. Friday 25 November 2005

  16. 12:38

    New rules killed Minardi

    According to Paul Stoddart it is impossible for small teams to survive in Formula 1. The Australian former F1 team boss drove the last laps in a Minardi on…

  17. Tuesday 22 November 2005

  18. 10:00

    Minardi sold for $75 million

    Former formula one team owner Paul Stoddart sold Minardi for around the (US)$75 million mark. Melbourne's 'The Age' newspaper interviewed the locally-born…

  19. Tuesday 1 November 2005

  20. 04:30

    Stoddart hands over the keys

    Paul Stoddart completed the sale of Minardi to Red Bull at the team's Faenza factory on Monday. The move brings to an end Stoddart's five-year foray in Formula…

  21. Friday 28 October 2005

  22. 18:18

    Paul Stoddart sad to see Minardi go

    With the sale of the Minardi to Red Bull due to be concluded on Monday, October 31, the team principal for the past five years, Paul Stoddart, took his time to…

  23. Thursday 27 October 2005

  24. 15:00

    Bernie didn't buy Minardi

    Paul Stoddart says Bernie Ecclestone didn't actually inject a single dollar into his ailing grand prix team in 2003. Two years ago, the Australian's ailing…

  25. Saturday 15 October 2005

  26. 18:00

    A parting shot or three

    There are a lot of 'lasts' taking place at formula one's Shanghai circuit this weekend. Paul Stoddart will host a farewell barbeque in the Chinese paddock on…

  27. Thursday 13 October 2005

  28. 14:30

    Stoddart set for exciting new job

    Exiting formula one team boss Paul Stoddart may re-emerge in one of motor sport's top jobs, according to paddock speculation. The Australian 'Herald Sun…

  29. Wednesday 12 October 2005

  30. 15:00

    Stoddart might be back

    He'll spend at least two years out of the F1 limelight, but exiting Minardi boss Paul Stoddart says he's not yet done with the pinnacle of racing. "I'd like to…

  31. Monday 3 October 2005

  32. 16:00

    Stoddart turns to Aussie V8s

    Departing F1 team owner Paul Stoddart will turn to Australia's domestic 'V8 Supercar' series to continue to promote his new Ozjet airline. The blue and black…

  33. Monday 26 September 2005

  34. 00:54

    Albers shows Minardi's pace in Brazil

    It was smiles and handshakes all round in the Minardi F1 Team garage at the conclusion of today's Brazilian Grand Prix, not only for the gritty drive that…

  35. Monday 12 September 2005

  36. 12:30

    'Stoddart will be needed at Red Bull'

    It is not clear whether Paul Stoddart will be handed a job after Red Bull take over his Minardi team on November the 1st. Certainly, the $47m sale contract…

  37. 09:48

    Todt won't miss Stoddart

    Ferrari's Jean Todt says he will miss Peter Sauber but not Paul Stoddart when his F1 colleagues exit the Paddock at the end of the 2005 season. "Peter is a real…

  38. Sunday 11 September 2005

  39. 11:12

    Stoddart sad to sell Minardi

    Paul Stoddart said he is going to be 'very sad' as the chequer falls at the Chinese GP next month. It will mark the Australian's final race as a formula one…

  40. Saturday 10 September 2005

  41. 10:00

    Minardi-Red Bull deal done

    Sunday at Spa, September the eleventh, could well be the day when Paul Stoddart reveals that his Minardi F1 team has been sold to Red Bull. According to solid…

  42. Monday 15 August 2005

  43. 13:00

    'Wake up, F1' - Stoddart

    Minardi boss Paul Stoddart has renewed his attack on formula one's vastly inflated budgets. While addressing the South Australian Press Club in Adelaide, the…

  44. 12:37

    Drivers' quali doubted

    Paul Stoddart says F1 drivers' own proposal for 2006 qualifying may not fit into the one hour format. The Minardi chief reckons their idea, sent to all team…

  45. Friday 12 August 2005

  46. 10:50

    Minardi upbeat about 2006

    Minardi will race its current 'PS05' car and rev-limited Cosworth V10 engine next year, team boss Paul Stoddart has revealed. The fifty year old Australian said…

  47. 10:16

    'I'm not quitting' - Stoddart

    Minardi principal and owner Paul Stoddart says quitting formula one is not on his radar. But the Australian, seemingly always on the brink of survival in the…

  48. Friday 5 August 2005

  49. 16:00

    F1 tries 'diplomacy'

    Think again if you imagine that Formula One is now on a peaceful cruise to the future. Minardi's Paul Stoddart reacted to the observation that an eerie silence…

  50. Monday 25 July 2005

  51. 12:00

    Minardi urge Hyundai into F1

    Paul Stoddart has urged Hyundai to accelerate into F1 with Minardi. The Australian team owner has heard speculation linking the Korean car manufacturer with…

  52. Sunday 24 July 2005

  53. 11:53

    Irvine to buy Minardi?

    Eddie Irvine has reportedly turned his attention from buying Jordan to Paul Stoddart's back of the grid Minardi team. The former Jordan, Ferrari and Jaguar…

  54. Tuesday 5 July 2005

  55. 11:06

    'Quit Max! Or I will sell Minardi'

    Paul Stoddart has vowed to quit F1 and sell Minardi if Max Mosley does not resign as FIA chief. At the end of a long quarrel between the pair, Australia's…

  56. Sunday 26 June 2005

  57. 18:24

    Teams ready to boycott races

    Formula One teams could boycott the French Grand Prix and future races if they receive severe penalties from the FIA for their part in the US Grand Prix…

  58. Friday 24 June 2005

  59. 10:40

    F1 fate at stake - Stoddart

    June 29 may be a crucial date in the history of modern Formula One. That's the warning of Paul Stoddart, after all seven Michelin teams - everyone except his…

  60. Thursday 23 June 2005

  61. 05:00

    Stoddart slams Mosley and Todt

    Paul Stoddart has again called for FIA president Max Mosley to quit after the US Grand Prix shambles, the blame for which the Australian puts at the feet of the…

  62. Monday 20 June 2005

  63. 13:45

    'Max should be axed'

    In 2002, Paul Stoddart cried in Mark Webber's arms as the Minardi boss revelled in a two-point finish. At Indy, the disgusted Australian didn't even watch as he…

  64. Sunday 19 June 2005

  65. 22:16

    Stoddart: This is unbelievable

    Paul Stoddart explained why his Minardi drivers remained out on track. This morning nine out of the ten teams (all but Ferrari) agreed that they would only race…

  66. 12:42

    Stoddart to agree on tyre dispensation

    Minardi's Paul Stoddart has indicated that he will agree to some sort of 'dispensation' to allow a twenty-car grid to line up at Indy. His back of the grid…

  67. Wednesday 15 June 2005

  68. 09:25

    Alonso 'style' under fire

    F1 title leader Fernando Alonso has responded to claims he is 'hyper reliant' on the electronics of his Renault car. Craig Pollock, BAR team founder and manager…

  69. Wednesday 8 June 2005

  70. 11:51

    Minardi eye stronger spell

    Minardi is hopeful of a good showing in the American F1 double header. Team owner and boss Paul Stoddart said: "They're races in which we've shown well. "And we…

  71. Wednesday 1 June 2005

  72. 14:00

    Stoddart: Tyre problems were predictable

    Paul Stoddart has urged the FIA to quash F1's new 'single tyre' rule before a driver is hurt or killed. The Minardi principal, although a political enemy of Max…

  73. Thursday 19 May 2005

  74. 18:00

    Minardi to test Italian rookies

    Two Italian rookies will test a Minardi Formula One car in November. It is reported that the Italian Automobile Club and Paul Stoddart's team have penned a deal…

  75. Sunday 8 May 2005

  76. 11:14

    Mosley: Stoddart misled Melbourne court

    Max Mosley has tempted open warfare by suggesting that Minardi's Paul Stoddart - a key figure in the fight for F1's future - misled a Melbourne court. The FIA…

  77. Wednesday 4 May 2005

  78. 12:00

    Paul's new court threat

    F1 team owner Paul Stoddart has threatened to return to court if the FIA do not allow Minardi to run a V10 engine next year. The little Faenza based team…

  79. Friday 29 April 2005

  80. 15:00

    Stoddart: The problem is Max

    Unofficial 'group of nine' team spokesman, Minardi owner Paul Stoddart, has renewed a plea for Max Mosley to resign. The Australian multimillionaire denied the…

  81. 12:00

    Stoddart: Alonso is not the 'new Schumacher'

    According to a former boss, Fernando Alonso has yet to demonstrate one key talent on the road to becoming a true F1 great. "He does react to success," said Paul…

  82. Friday 15 April 2005

  83. 12:03

    Stoddart didn't want to delay PS05 debut

    Two all-new Minardi PS05 contenders will contest next Sunday's San Marino grand prix. With a single 'curvy' racer to be shaken-down in Italy on Friday, the…

  84. 10:40

    Paul and Gian Carlo Minardi

    Many in the grand prix paddock wonder how Paul Stoddart and Gian Carlo Minardi can work together. Stoddart, current owner and Faenza team principal, is now Gian…

  85. Wednesday 6 April 2005

  86. 11:30

    'PS05' to debut - Stoddart

    An all-new Minardi grand prix car will debut at Imola on April 24. Paul Stoddart has already hinted that it resembles no other on the Formula One grid. The…

  87. Wednesday 16 March 2005

  88. 16:00

    Stoddart vows quiet weekend

    Minardi will not play Melbourne-like political hardball at the Malaysian GP, Paul Stoddart has vowed. The Australian businessman dominated the pre-race…

  89. Thursday 10 March 2005

  90. 09:53

    'Just rubbish' - Stoddart

    Paul Stoddart has struck back at Australian GP chief Ron Walker's claim that the Minardi principal should leave F1. The Australian-born team owner said he and…

  91. Wednesday 9 March 2005

  92. 10:20

    'Quit, Paul' - Oz GP chief

    A powerful ally has sided with F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone in calling for Paul Stoddart to quit. Following the political raucous surrounding Minardi's…

  93. 09:59

    Minardi's well earned break

    Minardi's Paul Stoddart and Patrick Friesacher have touched down in south capital Adelaide for a well-earned break. They're accompanied by forty travelling…

  94. Sunday 6 March 2005

  95. 07:59

    Mixed result for Minardi

    It was a mixture of pleasure and disappointment in the Minardi F1 Team garage at Melbourne's Albert Park circuit this afternoon. The pleasure derived from…

  96. Saturday 5 March 2005

  97. 13:15

    Stoddart should sell Minardi - Ecclestone

    'Nuisance' Paul Stoddart should sell Minardi and stay away from F1. That's the wounding claim of grand prix impresario Bernie Ecclestone, at the end of an…

  98. 05:14

    Minardi begins F1 Grand Prix weekend

    Following a day when the primary concern of the Minardi F1 Team was with off-track, legal issues, the focus for the second day of the 2005 Foster's Australian…

  99. Friday 4 March 2005

  100. 08:41

    Minardi to run on Saturday

    The Minardi team was not allowed to exit the pitlane on Friday. The pitboxes of the Italian team remained closed. Paul Stoddart left the track right after the…

  101. 06:03

    Mosley: Stoddart is being naïve

    Max Mosley has little sympathy for 'naïve' Paul Stoddart, whose Minardi team was banned from exiting pitlane for Friday morning practice. The FIA president…

  102. 06:01

    Ferrari to 'give in'?

    Ferrari are leaning towards letting Minardi contest their home grand prix in Melbourne, Paul Stoddart said. The Australian team owner emerged from a new meeting…

  103. Thursday 3 March 2005

  104. 14:59

    Seeking Jean Todt

    Paul Stoddart drove to Melbourne's Crown Casino hotel on Thursday evening, in a desperate bid to resolve the crisis that threatens to sideline his Minardi F1…

  105. 09:10

    Minardi pass scrutineering

    Minardi's 'illegal' 2004 car today passed official FIA scrutineering at Albert Park. "The car complies," said Paul Stoddart, who now needs to present an…

  106. Wednesday 2 March 2005

  107. 16:08

    Stoddart warns for F1 boycot in Melbourne

    The Minardi team wants to run the PS04 car in Melbourne which is confirm 2005 safety regulations but not concern 2005 technical regulations. The team has saved…

  108. Friday 25 February 2005

  109. 10:20

    Stoddart 'bets' Webber will win home race

    If Mark Webber wins at home next Sunday, so too will countryman Paul Stoddart. The Minardi team owner said he placed a bet on his former employee winning the…

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